About John E. Nealand

I first began as a Real Estate Appraiser for Long Island Savings Bank (now Astoria Federal Savings).  In 1992, I became an independent appraiser working for a number of mortgage brokers and financial institutions doing business in NYC and Long Island.

I have experience in appraising all types of properties such as, homes along the Gold Coast of Long Island, one to four family homes, condominiums and new construction.

I am now located in West Michigan since October 2017 and has received a Real Estate Appraiser license by the State of Michigan. Now serving Allegan, Kent, Barry, Kalamazoo, Ottawa, Van Buren Counties.

Contact me today for a quote and an appointment.

By e-mail: nealand7@optonline.net or nealand7@gmail.com

By phone: 516-241-3720



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